Biometric Domain

Defense and Intelligence

Nestor’s innovative biometric solutions provide critical support to defense and intelligence agencies to help ensure national security and protect citizen freedoms and liberties.

We deliver enrollment, verification and authentication solutions tailored to discrete requirements.

Our ABIS is one of the leading in the market, in liveness detection and multi-modal fusion, protecting your organization. Customer may use all or part of our solution, allowing you to advance or replace your identity management system.


Law Eenforcement

Rapidly and accurately identifying potential suspects is a critical function for law enforcement officers.

Whether law enforcement needs to identify an individual by fingerprint, iris, or facial recognition, they can rely on Nestor’s ABIS solution for large-scale biometric identification.

Law enforcement agencies can configure the system to support both criminal and civil applications. Depending on the needs of the individual law enforcement department, they can also configure the system for live scan and card scan of fingerprints, palm, face, and iris.

Financial Services

New customers are a critical source of any bank’s revenue growth, so onboarding them efficiently is among the most important functions they can perform. But onboarding is also a time when banks are most vulnerable to fraud.  Banks that incorporate biometric platform into their onboarding process can leverage an applicant’s live selfie to conduct several identity checks that serve to positively verify their identity and to detect when fraud is being attempted.

Nestor offers solutions for onboarding and user authentication on a mobile device using biometrics. Our mobile biometric authentication framework allows banking customers to use their mobile banking apps to apply for an account and then login to perform transactions without using passwords.

The mobile biometric authentication solution comprised of a family of biometric matching and liveness detection algorithms that use face and voice to enable secure and convenient multifactor authentication without passwords.

It can also be used for identity proofing as part of a mobile onboarding solution, with advanced security checks that authenticate driver’s licenses and passports, and spoof-resistant biometric facial matching between the live and printed images.



Border Management

Nestor’s biometric software solutions are used toward several different aspects of visitor screening and border management. Our innovative biometric solutions provide critical support to border management to help ensure national security and protect citizen freedoms and liberties.

The solutions perform biometric search against watch lists upon a visitor’s visa application, and biometric verification upon their arrival at the border. It is also used to personalize and read travel documents such as e-passports.