Cyber Security

Cyber security

Cyber crime is becoming more widespread with criminal  and terror organizations implementing malware attacks  to gain access to mission critical data. With the wide  usage of IoT in critical infrastructures, municipalities and  businesses have become vulnerable to outside attacks. 

Nestor provides a wide range of integrated end to end  solutions and tactical security to protect against malware  attacks.

Our expert cyber team offers a complete range of  cyber-security services to identify system vulnerabilities  and build effective cyber defense strategies.

Full cyber security architecture, complying with GDPR

Business continuity management and disaster recovery planning

Network & security device configuration reviews

Network & infrastructure penetration testing: blackbox/white box

Database security assessments and hardening

Virtualisation auditing

Web & mobile application penetration testing

Cyber-attack simulations and advanced darknet services

Upon request, Nestor also capable to deliver a customized cyber center incorporating multiple cyber technologies to provide  high-grade protection of critical data and strategic  infrastructures.