Nestor’s Intelligence department is operated by experts with decades of in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience developing national-scale intelligence, cyber-security and defence solutions for governments, law enforcement and intelligence organizations.
Our solutions integrate a wide range of advanced technologies for communication, interception, intelligence gathering and analysis of mission-critical information.

We provide mission-critical intelligence creating a broad intelligence perspective and facilitates inter-agency collaboration. Our multi-layered intelligence concept incorporates the entire telecommunications intelligence process s, from interception, monitoring and analysis to the dissemination of information to create actionable intelligence.

OSINT Solutions

The Internet is the world’s largest database.

We provide one-stop-shop solution with full suite of applications for the capture, collection and analysis of web content, social media and big data, enabling intelligence organizations to identify, locate and monitor suspects.

Across various sources, such as web forums, social media, dark and deep web, our solution transforms enormous quantities of data into actionable intelligence.

With extensive use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and cutting edge data extraction algorithms, we process the data, metadata, identities, behavior patterns, networks and locations to produce valuable insights for the end user.


Tactical Cyber Solutions

Nestor’s tactical cyber solutions allow intelligence and law enforcement agencies to collect, intercept and analyze signals in the communication networks.

Whether it’s cellular, Wi-Fi, BT, IP – we are capable to deliver integrated end-to-end systems, based on the most recent, state-of-the-art technology, with proven operational record.



Nestor’s unique Geolocation solution enables law enforcement agencies the ability to locate GSM / 3G / 4G / 5G subscribers covertly virtually anywhere in the world, all in real-time and with high accuracy.

The solution stealthily ascertains status, location and movement of targets of interest, from anywhere in a city and/or area to the entire country and beyond borders, pinpointing them withing seconds.

Text and Voice Analytics

Text analytics has become an essential capability of the modern enterprise. With unstructured data growing exponentially, companies are leveraging these capabilities to make these large quantities of  data accessible and to generate deeper business insight. Text analytics uses techniques such as text classification, NLP, entity extraction and sentiment analysis to extract useful information and knowledge hidden in text content. This enables companies to reveal hidden insights, patterns and trends.
Potential use cases for implementing text analytics solutions include cybercrime prevention, social media analysis, streamlined investigations, business intelligence and many more.

Voice analytics technology allows organizations to transform unstructured data from conversations and voice recordings into rich, useful structured data for valuable insights. Example of a use case is the 911 call centers, which utilize voice analytics to transcribe calls to text and then convert them into indexed, searchable data. This allows investigators and other law enforcement operators to identify trends across calls by noting the frequency of specific words, which are indexed for content and meaning, making correlations between calls and incidents easier to spot.

Nestor has extensive experience and proven track record in both text and voice analytics, and is delighted to provide its customers with comprehensive solutions, consisting of tailored and cutting-edge technological capabilities in these fields.