Law Enforcement​

Law Enforcement

In order to establish a strong, national police force, division or unit, it is essential to strengthen the core capabilities of the force by implementing up to date training, methodologies and equipment.

We provide the latest technologies that will support  your police force and allow them to maximise their time  and resources effectively and share and retain vital  information and evidence for the judicial process.

Safe City

Cities concentrate the economic, political and cultural activity within its premises. However, it also a place that attracts variety of crime activities and threats such as terrorism, trafficking, industrial accidents, natural disasters. Ensuring citizens’ safety is one of Law enforcement organizations primary tasks.
Thanks to the tools it developed and deployed in many cities, Nestor is able to make the best use of available resources, according to the needs expressed.

Centralizing video surveillance data and its smart processing allow for faster and better targeted interventions, better detection of threats, and a stronger link with the population.

We deliver CCTV surveillance systems that cover critical areas of a city and integrate video data between such areas to visualize the underlying security status at city levels.

Our solution implements AI capabilities and applications on top of public security resources to promote the intelligent transformation of a city’s video system, turning video into IoT data. In the next phase, it fuses IoT data generated in the intelligent video system with data from information networks according to practical business needs, then provides value-added services and applications. Clients will benefit from precise situational awareness throughout the city


Prison Perimeter Security

Within their premises, prisons rely on multiple security systems to ensure the safety of staff, inmates and visitors, and to prevent escapes. Outside the facility is a very different story.

Prisons face a number of challenges when securing their perimeters, beginning with the size of the perimeters that must be secured. Sometimes these facilities border public spaces, requiring an early warning system that extends beyond the prison fence. Areas beyond the grounds can be poorly lit, leaving them vulnerable to activities that occur at night.

Nestor solution provides comprehensive turnkey systems for physical security, intrusion detection, and access control, without need for pre-existing infrastructure. Among the advantages of Nestor system: early warning of intruders over massive buffer zones beyond the fence – detecting people and cars over hundreds of meters far and wide, operating in complete darkness, delivering high security performance in all weather conditions, automatic “zoom and follow” for a detected target for real-time assessment.

When facing a large-scale disaster, preparation is a critical factor to the entire management of a mass event. Our Disaster Management concept builds and strengthens the preparation, response and recovery capabilities of First Response teams and Disaster Management Organizations, facilitating rapid response, management of resources and interoperability.

Disaster Management


Digital Forensics

In an era of rapid technological advances including supercomputers, the internet and mobile phones, Digital Forensics has become an essential part of the investigative process.

The Forensic department of Nestor provides comprehensive solutions for Forensics & Digital Forensic Investigations.  Building on our vast experience and knowledge of the construction and modernization of Forensic Departments from the ground up, our team will guide you every step of the way, as you develop your forensics capabilities and know-how, guaranteeing increased efficiency and the successful closure of investigations.

Forensic Lab

Whether constructing your forensic capabilities or modernizing existing infrastructure and equipment, our experts will execute the planning, design, integration and implementation for fixed or mobile Forensics Labs; ensuring you are equipped with up-to-date techniques and technologies for collecting, analyzing, documenting and preserving evidence gathered at the crime scene.

Mobile Forensics

We provide a complete suite of target-based applications for the capture and collection of cellular device, web content, network connections and social media interactions, with the ability to attain data images, video and audio data, analyze the collected evidence, and generate reports, allowing your team to monitor targets and mitigate threats.

911 Solution

Calling 911 can be the worst day of someone’s life. Call takers rely on application that leads them to the right response, every time, because every second counts.
Working closely with Law Enforcement agencies, we leverage cutting-edge technological capabilities to ensure they are working with the most advanced tools and methodologies to provide public safety and security.

Nestor offers a comprehensive emergency solution. The core response is handled via our Portal: an all-inclusive, web-based software solution that controls the reporting, localization, escalation, and documentation of incidents, as well as the management of participants.